Why applicants should sign up before arriving in Australia:

You receive one on one communication prior to arriving to Australia to guarantee you are being looked after once you get here.

Can I get a discount on my membership if I am already here in Australia?

No, you will still receive excellent benefits from our membership if you are working or not with your membership card.

Who we can help?

Absolutely everyone! Whether you are interested in general fruit picking or an experienced operator we can help. Any people looking for sponsorship are to fill out the application form and send it with a copy of your resumes. It will then be reviewed and a sponsor sought.

When do I have to pay my membership fees?

At least two weeks prior to arriving in Australia. That way we can assure things are in place for you when you arrive. If you are already in Australia, they are to be paid as soon as your application is submitted. As soon as your membership is paid we can put you into work.

When will I receive my membership pack?

As soon as a permanent address if provided to us. If you are still not in Australia, we ask that you let us know in advance when you are coming, and we will book there first nights accommodation and have it there waiting for them when they arrive. Otherwise if you arrive without us knowing we will have it sent out as soon as possible.

Will there ever be a time when there are no jobs available?

It must be stressed that if applicants are willing to do almost anything then no. We are here to advise on what is happening and where. If there is no work available in the area that you are in, then we will be able to advise you of the closest location.

How long will it take for Hha to find me a position?

It must be stressed that we strive to have you in a position within 48 hours. In an instance that we don’t it is normally due to outside circumstances that we cannot control, for instance the whether.

What is required when applying for Sponsorship?

Send a copy of Harvest Hotline Australia’s application form, a complete resume and a certified copy of the birth certificate.

When should I apply for my visa?

You should apply for your visa at least two months, three months where possible prior to wanting to leave for Australia. This will allow for any delays within the Department of Immigration.

What do I need to have to come to Australia?

It is recommended that you obtain the following before coming to Australia:

  • An international driver’s license. If you hold a truck license, have it changed also.
  • An email address. We will be able to keep in contact with you, whilst travelling.
  • Medical Insurance
  • A visa or MasterCard, ensure is accepted in Australia. (Even if this is just for emergencies).
  • Once you are here if you can afford a mobile phone, it will make your travelling a lot easier and we can keep in touch with you.